During the pandemic I created my own recycle center. Since then I have added a box for disposable masks.
During the pandemic I created my own recycle center. Since then I have added a box for disposable masks.

“From our first interaction to project completion, Tana was responsive, decisive, communicative and most importantly, kind. She helped my elderly seller pack the things she wanted from her home, get on a plane and do EVERYTHING to empty the house so we could prepare it for market – in 10 days. She is highly organized, personable, trustworthy and an impressive human being. ” Marissa Verson Harrison, Red Oak Realty.


“Thank you again so much, Tana. I enjoyed that – I was expecting it to be harder (mentally/emotionally), but it was fun! Your bright energy and kindness was exactly what I needed.” E.W., El Cerrito


“It’s so nice to be able to leave the room (office) open now. It truly makes me smile.” D.F., Pinole


“Thank you to my cousin Tana Ching for taking the time to organize my craft room on your visit here!   It’s so nice to get in there and create again.  And I promise to get rid of the books and stickers!”


“Tana and I spent a week attacking multiple spaces in my house. She was organized, thoughtful, creative about space and motivated. I call Tana my superpower. She made what seemed overwhelming to me completely manageable and fun! She made it so easy that I can’t imagine taking on a move or a major home organization project without her. ” C.V., Oakland


“Thanks so much, Tana! I so appreciate your diligence and methodical, directed approach.”  S.S., Berkeley


“Wow! Tana Ching came to my house to organize my crafts closet and I was so very pleased with her help. She was focused, efficient and asked great questions about my needs and my relationship to the stuff we were organizing. She had great ideas about where things could go to match my usage. A lot happened in about one hour and 15 minutes. This was the first time I have ever had a professional organizer assist me in arranging anything and I LOVED it. I came away appreciative of my newly organized space and respectful of Tana’s professional skill.” B.R., Berkeley

“You da best!”    L.G. & S.C (on the same day!)

“She is an outstanding professional, not selling products.  Great disposition, really thoughtful and incredibly efficient and productive.  You will not be disappointed!” BPN testimonial

“Tana has helped me organize both our old and new houses. She has a wonderful combination of a calm personality and contagious energy. I love working together with her: tidying up and unpacking all of a sudden becomes a pleasure. I’m often surprised how much work we can get done during one session! Thank you, Tana, for the spacious house you have helped to create! My life quality and work efficiency have increased because of it.”  C.Y., Castro Valley

“Thank you for all your help! I am much more productive when you are here.” A.R., Berkeley

“I’d highly recommend Tana Ching and TC Organizes. She’s super nice, very efficient, creative and prices are excellent.” 

“Every time I open up something we organized, it feels refreshing.”  H.R., Berkeley

“She had fresh, clear ideas and quickly went to work implementing them. She made it look so easy, that I became more energized. The overwhelm I felt melted away because I knew I wasn’t alone. She took away the things I wanted to get rid of, saving me hours of time. I felt so satisfied at the end of our first session.”  E.F., Berkeley

“She’s absolutely a ‘roll up her sleeves’ and dig-in kind of person.” J.G., El Cerrito

“You acted like an ‘air traffic controller’ with my precious possessions, furniture and ‘stuff.’ Not only did we organize and come up with some plans, the whole experience was motivating!” C.M., Mill Valley

“Tana is prompt, professional and efficient, has great ideas, and extremely creative – plus she makes things fun.” L.N., Walnut Creek

“…nice, discreet and very hard working – A+.”  J.T., Marin

“You definitely have great skills and have gotten me started on the right path to continue purging and organizing more stuff. I’m encouraged. I surprised myself how quickly I actually went through stuff. It looks so weird when I walk into the garage, but it’s a good thing.”  P.N., San Jose


Here’s an article from the SF Chronicle that I contributed to about decluttering and using social media during the pandemic.