Information for…                                                (updated September 2022)

What to take in case a disaster strikes! This article is from the website and seems to be a good list.

Scam alerts:  check the FTC for what is out there and how to combat it

How long should I keep that tax return? Papers piling up because you’re not sure how long to keep them? Click on how long to keep papers to find out. This was updated on February 2022.

For business papers, click here for the IRS version.

Security Freeze vs. Fraud alerts: View Consumer Reports article about the Equifax breach

Resource Handout – when you’ve finished editing your closet/garage/space and you wonder what to do with the “stuff”. Use this handy list!


Haulogy – Adrian Shore is my go-to guy for taking away unwanted items that are still usable, recycles, trash and moving things. A big win-win was rehoming a baby grand piano!

Remoov offers pick up of consignment items, donation and trash all at one time! Their rate depends on how much your items fill up the truck and if there are any disposal fees.  I have used them several times and recommend them.

EcoHaul disposes your items either through recycling, donation or composting.

East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse – Estate Clean Out. There are 3 different levels (1 free and 2 fee-based), so check them out! Their goal is to recycle as much as possible.


Waterside Workshops in Berkeley- bicycles and parts. They teach youth how to work on them by providing training and a method of transportation. They also sell bikes. Please see their website for more info. In Oakland – go to Cycles of Change. In Marin – Trips for Kids. In San Francisco – contact SF Bicycle Coalition.

Bay Area Rescue Mission – Household goods, clothing, linens, unexpired foods (canned/packaged)

On 2nd & McDonald in Richmond.   This organization has a men’s and women’s/children shelters and provides food/meals for those in need. Super helpful and provide a receipt if you give an amount.

Salvation Army – many locations. Take all manner of items. Check their website for a location and any restrictions during the pandemic.

Lions In Sight – eyeglasses and broken parts, sunglasses, cell phones, and hearing aid

They have drop-off locations around the Bay Area. However, you can also mail them your items and they will provide a donation letter.

East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse – small furniture, small working appliances, crafts/supplies that teachers can use

Based in Oakland.  They also offer estate clean out – see their website for more information.

Make It Home – Gently used furniture and furnishings, household goods to create sets of essential home items to give to families, foster youth and individuals.

East Bay Children’s Book Project – children books, Oakland

Secure the Call – cell phones, batteries, chargers, and accessories in any condition.

Donate Your Bra For a Cause, Inc. – donate your gently used bras to this non-profit! You can download a donation and request a donation slip (for a $1) from the website!

Undies for Everyone – do you have unopened packages of underwear that you don’t know what to do with? Please send them to here so they can give them to people in need, particularly children!

Recycling – safety equipment/protective gear, razors and related packaging, CDs/DVDs/VHS tapes, snack wrappers, pens/markers, fabric/clothing, plastic lids, pet food packaging, and much, much more.  You purchase a pouch/box for a particular item (or they have multi-items boxes now), and you fill it up! When the pouch/box is full, close it up. It comes with a prepaid label on the box, so all you have to do is drop it off at UPS.

Berkeley Recycling 2nd & Gilman Streets

El Cerrito Recycle Center – north end of Moeser Street, El Cerrito. As of April 2021 they are currently offering hazardous waste drop off if you are in El Cerrito and Richmond! Plastic bags, cardboard/paper, metal, batteries, glass, bicycles (and parts), and medications. Also unexpired canned & packaged new food and gently used clothing and shoes. A donation truck is available to drop off other items.

There is also the Exchange Zone, which is an area for books, eyeglasses & bulbs (both have to go to the office), hangers, corks, toys, etc.

Reuse for Arts & Crafts – opened in 2020, this organization takes your items that can be recycled and turns them into art! A win-win for the world.


Golden Gate Appliance Repair: Do you have an old/broken appliance in need of help? Call 415 661-4430. Two thumbs up!

Doll Mercantile –  doll restoration, help with buying and selling. A go to place in Petaluma, CA.

CarePatrol: A free service to help find affordable housing for seniors, particularly for those with low income.  The local representative is Mike Awadalla.

Gepetto’s Antique Restoration – do you have an antique in need of repair and can’t make it to The Repair Shop in England? Call Bernice Rappaport for all your needs as she is a master at her craft. 415 383-1054

Berkeley Shreds at 1461 Eastshore Highway, Berkeley. They shred/destroy papers, hard drives, prescription bottles, xrays, photographs, clothing and more!

Victims Service, San Francisco District Attorney’s Office : provides assistance to elderly victims of scams and frauds.  415 553-9044

Vintage Radio Repair Shops

Moving Services

Move For Hunger – Moving and have foods that you don’t want that are still good? Look for a mover on this website and they will pick up your non-perishable goods and deliver them to a local food pantry.

Hazardous Waste

Alameda County
West Contra Costa County

Professional Organizing 

National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals
Code of Ethics

 Organizing Ideas

Rev-a-Shelf makes custom shelves/inserts for cabinets/drawers. This picture shows how to organize food storage containers!