Now for some fun stuff!

Here are some quotes, before and after photographs, cartoons and mystery items.


“Though clutter seems like a physical problem because it involves tangible stuff, the problem is emotional. The psychological component to freeing our lives from needless items is more powerful than the physical one.”

Mark Brunetz, Take the U Out of Clutter
In today’s comics!

“Tidying and cleaning is about the stuff; professional organizing is [for] the person who owns the stuff.”

Julie Bestry© 2007

Year 1

This was a special project for a friend.

Year 3 After pictures

Practicing organization techniques gives you results – our cooler filled with 4 days of food!




Cartoons for your reading pleasure!

Because organizers enjoy humor about themselves…


Organizers are always thinking of new ways to use “stuff”!

Cat cartoon
Cartoon Memory


Mystery items

Sometimes you find things that make you say: “What the heck is that?”