Here are some frequently asked questions:

Are you going to throw everything away?

Egads, no!  Organizing is a process by which I help you decide what is meaningful and useful and how to let go of the rest.  Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to make those decisions.


What if I want to use those extra ice cream scoops (or name another item) some day instead of giving it away right now? 

(from Bottom Line, July 2014)

It is helpful to remind yourself that you are not really giving it away. Instead, you’re trading them for something better – an uncluttered kitchen (or other room) where you feel at peace.


How can I make all my t-shirts fit in the drawer?

KonMari foldingWhen I read the “Magical Art of Tidying Up”, I discovered the KonMari method of organizing. Put all of one item in a pile and individually decide if it sparks joy. If it does, it goes in the keep pile and the rest gets donated. We then fold the “keeps” into “packets” – this allows you to see each one and they take up much less space in the drawer. Folding them also gives you a few minutes to be meditative.


Do you love The Container Store?

Yes, yes I do. However, I mostly go there to browse to see what’s new. I  believe in re-using containers that you already have and separating the “to go” into donations/recycles/hazardous waste/etc. Then I can take them away so you are no longer weighed down by those items!


Why should I hire a professional organizer?

A professional organizer can provide clarity and an objective view of your items.  Also, having someone else to help make tough decisions is easier and can keep you focused on the goal. Plus, it’s more fun!