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By 2011 I had organized office papers and coordinated programs for quite awhile. It was time to stop sitting in front of a computer and start searching for my next path. One of my discoveries was professional organizing. Wow, I could do that! Being a little cautious, I kept my part-time job and looked for organizing work on the side. In 2013 I realized that I needed to go for it. I quit my job and became a full-time professional organizer. It has been wonderful  to see how right this path is. I enjoy providing services that help people release their clutter and make their spaces more manageable. Ahhh!

This was from 2002!

This was from 2002!


In May 2017 I joined BNI to move my business to the next level and also to improve my public speaking skills! It has been a great experience so far – from getting to know people in other professions so I can refer them to defining how I want to run my business. Two thumbs up!


Another milestone event was celebrating 5 years as a professional organizer! That allows me to be part of the NAPO Golden Circle group. I look forward to bringing the knowledge I learn from my esteemed colleagues to my clients and broaden my business skills.

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BNI Connect2Success, Berkeley, CA June 2017-current
National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, 2012-current
NAPO-San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, 2012-current

Volunteer positions include:

Mentor Coordinator, BNI Connect2Success Chapter, October 2017-current

Co-editor of the NAPO-SFBA Chapter newsletter, Sept 2016-June 2018

Coordinator for the SFBA East Bay Neighborhood Meetings, Sept 2013-Sept 2014


Newsletter Summaries:
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Summer 2018 – Decluttering time! 

Decluttering is hard because you are required to make hundreds, perhaps thousands, of decisions!  Have a low bar of expectations. Tips on how to sort papers.

Too many books? Use the Friend, Acquaintance, Stranger method.

Traveling by car this summer? Pack like a pro from AAA.

Spring 2018 – Decluttering and Dinos. March 26th kicks off National Clutter Awareness Week. Learn why we keep things, how to decide what to keep and how to let unneeded items go.

Burdened with business cards? Check out camcard.com for an easy method to keep them stored on your electronic devices.

The Swedish Death Cleaning method is the latest trend in the organizing world. Read about the book here.

A recent visit to the Natural History Museum of Utah wows me with its dinosaur exhibit!

Winter 2017 – Still transitioning.  Personal transitions include moving my father-in-law to California and finding “lost” treasures such as the “Who Moved My Cheese?” quote: The biggest inhibitor to change lies within yourself, and that nothing gets better until you change.”

Tiny House Festival Feb 2-4, 2018 and see what is going on with this movement. This was cancelled, but it still is a growing topic especially in the Bay Area.

Watch out for phone scams asking for money – they are clever at figuring out information from you without realizing it. To find out more, click here.

Start your new year with my Get Organized Offers. Happy holidays to all!

Summer 2017 – Transitions. Need help with change? Breathe, talk to a friend, or have a good cry.
See cool microscope pictures of tears here.
Article about dealing with papers when you retire.
How do you decide what clothes to keep or go? See this blog post from 2 organizing gals!
5 years as a professional organizer reached!

Winter 2016 – Get Organized Month offer. “How to lighten your clutter load, Part 2, by Marni Jameson. Get the Garage Butler if you want help remembering to close your garage door. Check out my updated website! May 2017 be a wonderful year for you and yours.

Fall 2016 – “How to lighten your clutter load, Part 1” by Marni Jameson. Use a donation app to quantify and track your donations – trying out Donation Assistant by Tax Act. Protect your privacy article: http://www.consumerreports.org/privacy/66-ways-to-protect-your-privacy-right-now/. And last, but not least was an update on my washi tape collection: it has continued to grow and I really need to start making greeting cards!

April 2016 – Aloha spirit is alive and well by taking a relaxing break and letting yourself recharge. Clutter can be healthy and actually help the creative process and productivity (see the article here). Addicted to washi tape and how to stop impulse buying. Summer camp blues: keeping 11 weeks of information organized with a spreadsheet (ask me if you’re interested).

Jan 2016 – Unmet expectations meant I sent my holiday cards after Christmas, Predictions for the Year of the Monkey, Austin Kleon’s “Process is Messy”, and a blog about dreaming of your perfect basement: Cleaning Out The Basement. Offer for getting organized still available until January 31st!

Dec 2015 – Inspired by Kacy Paide to write a newsletter, “Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon gives me marketing advice, use “Baby steps” to start an organizing project, and Get Organized in January offer – $100 for 2 hour session ($150 value).